Kids Weekend Activities in Sydney

Kids Weekend Activities in Sydney

Kids Weekend Activities in Sydney

Sydney is a truly unique city that is located in Australia. It was officially founded in 1842 and is the 73rd most populous city in the entire globe. It is the proud capital of New South Wales and one that is renowned for its exemplary tourist attractions.

It’s good weather that makes it quite suitable for many outdoor activities, with rugby is the main sport in Sydney. The city has six sister cities globally that share some similarities in their geography, social life, historical background and cultural activities.

It is globally recognized because it has a lot to offer with regard to culture, delicious foods, beaches, wildlife, the sun and so many other fun activities that people can do.

10 activities children can do in Sydney

Sydney is the holy grail of kids’ weekend activities regardless of whether they are visiting or they actually live there. There is more to Sydney than just the Opera House, the following are some top 10 kids weekend activities in Sydney:

Kids Weekend Activities in Sydney

1. Aquarium

There are so many wonderful and unique sea creatures that kids can view on the weekends in Sydney. The main aquariums that act as tourist attractions and that kids can enjoy include Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary and SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium. These two destinations are a sure way to take kids on a fun adventure in the deep world that exists under the sea. This is because they are characterized by:

  • Penguins
  • Sharks
  • Dugongs
  • Variety of quirky tropical fish

2. Taronga Zoo and WILDLIFE Sydney

Kids can visit the leading zoological gardens in Australia i.e. WILD LIFE Sydney and Taronga Zoo. These two destinations are bound to provide kids with the best animal experience they will ever come across. They are located within the CBD of Sydney. They host exemplary collections of native animals and an array of exotic species that will fascinate children as it a hands-on chance with animals.

3. Urban Jungle Adventure Park

This provides adrenaline-filled activities for kids. It is properly constructed using high ropes and is located in the middle of the city. Kids are provided with 50 aerial attractions to play on. It is ideal for kids aged 6 years and older.

4. Luna Park

The Luna Park offers excitement and fun to kids both day and night. It has great rides that will satisfy all manner of thrills that kids can imagine. It is characterized by the following:

  • Master the Mirror Maze
  • Quirky shows
  • Ferris wheel.

Furthermore, there are many good food outlets and shaded areas where kids can relax.


5. Quarantine Station Ghost Tours

This activity is designed for kids that are 5 years or older. It has haunted surroundings and buildings that children can explore as they try to locate paranormal beings. This is a fun and educative activity because of the history it entails.


6. IMAX Theatre

Kids can watch a movie at IMAX theatre as an enjoyable weekend activity in Sydney. There are the latest blockbuster films that kids can watch at Darling Harbor on one of the largest screens on the globe at the IMAX theatre. The sound and clarity the theatre has to offer is bound to keep children relaxed as they eat some lollie pops or popcorn.


7. Centennial Park

Centennial Park situated on the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney offers kids a fun activity of riding ponies. It is a safe environment for young ones and there is a guide who is employed to assist with introductory horse-riding lessons. It is a 163-hectare park that has open areas, rivers, beautiful ponds and lush greenery.


8. Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Kids love to climb, dodge, flip and bounce and that is what Sky Zone Trampoline Park specializes in. This is the very first indoor trampoline park in the world. It is a great place as kids have the opportunity to run wild while bouncing off walls and jumping from one trampoline to another. This is one of the best kids weekend activities in Sydney.


9. iFLY Centre


This activity is perfect for kids who love skydiving but are too young to do it. It offers attractive packages for kids as well as all members of the family. There are qualified instructors on standby to offer help when necessary. It is ultra-safe as it is a state of the art environment that is both exiting and unique.

10. Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney

This is a tourist destination that is situated just a short distance from the CBD. It is a theme park that is guaranteed to provide children with overwhelming fun. This is because it has:

  • Rides
  • Pools
  • Water slides

It should not miss out as a top kid’s weekend activities in Sydney because it features interactive ride technology and several world first attractions.
The above insightful information clearly indicates some of the best kids weekend activities in Sydney. It can therefore be used as a guide by those who want to provide their young ones with a fun time in Sydney during the weekends.